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When Jaco Swart joined Lightwell Digital as Head of Digital, it was only a matter of time before the planning of a new website was underway.

During a trip to Italy in the summer of 2022, the seeds of the new aesthetic began to sprout where inspiration came in the form of Vespa helmets, punk posters, aperitivo hour and Michaelangelo’s David. Here’s how the new look and feel took shape.

  1. Visuals

    Focused on creating a visually appealing, fun and modern look. The use of unique and unusual assets – video, photographs and illustrations – highlighted the uplifting and modern mood of the redesign. The colour scheme incorporates contrasting acid and muted greens, which compliment the overall look and feel of the website.

  2. Font

    The redesign also included a change in fonts to make the website more readable. The new fonts were chosen to be easy on the eyes, but also to compliment the overall mood and style of the new aesthetic.

  3. Web trends

    The website redesign incorporated key website trends from 2022 and 2023. These included the use of micro-animations and interactive elements, which help to engage users and to make the website more dynamic. The redesign also included a focus on accessibility, ensuring that the website was easy for users to navigate and find relevant and useful information.

  4. Travel

    Travel can have a profound impact on the creative process, and in the case of this new website, it played a key role in shaping its design. The Lightwell Digital team drew inspiration from their journey across the boot of Italy, taking cues from the colours, textures, and patterns they encountered along the way. This resulted in a site that feels vibrant, dynamic, and distinctly global, with a focus on accessibility. By infusing their design with the energy and diversity of travel, they were able to create a new look for the digital home of Lightwell Digital that reflects the duos personality as well as the current time.